August Vilella

August Vilella is an artist born in Barcelona and currently based in Tokyo. A very talented painter, it is said that magic transpires when his paintbrush takes over, holding the brush, he enters a trance-like zone of creative purity which dictates what imagery comes into being on his canvases. It’s like a form of artistic meditation.Β His distinct paint works are recognisable through the Melancholy emotive eyes,Β 
his instantly recognisable aesthetic can only be manifested when he surrenders to the mysteries of his creative psyche. Β The emotive eyes and a relatable essence.
His artworks have been exhibited around the world in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Taipei, Oxford, San Francisco and Rotterdam. In 2016 he was the winner for The Best Artist at the Tokyo International Art Fair and in 2017 winner for the Best Innovative Art at The Global Art Awards of Dubai (UAE). In 2018 he won the "International Artist Grand Prize" of Taipei and the "ChairmanΒ΄s Award" in the Art Revolution Taipei where his work has chosen as the best among 4.546 candidates. Prestigious magazines such as "The Global Times", "Vice", Hi-Fructose" or "Beautiful Bizarre" have been reporting about his impressive development as a master of his genre.