Born in Aachen (Germany), KEF! has started with graffiti when he was 14 years old. At the age of 19, he began to expand his work on other surfaces like canvas and paper. In 2012 the former Bundesliga soccer player Christian Timm has invited KEF! to exhibit at his pop-up gallery. After he finished the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic he just wanted to create his own world and fulfill his desire for personal freedom, independence, and harmony through painting. Therefore he moved to London in 2013 after seeing the vibrant street art scene and feeling that there was a gap for his style. In 2015 to move to Berlin attracted by its alternative lifestyle.

Nowadays he is working with galleries and on projects all over the world. His work is still based on making researches about the feelings of freedom, independence, and harmony and how they can get manifested through his paintings in interior and exterior surroundings.

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